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Cardinal Health, Inc.
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Cardinal Health, Inc. Company Jobs

Company: Cardinal Health, Inc.
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Bryan
Industry: Health Care Jobs
Address: 110 second st. vcl
Zip Code: 03846
Phone: 5933793
Fax: 7745933793
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Registered from: Jun 13 2019
Jobs: 0 jobs posted

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Welcome to Cardinal Health, Inc. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health, Inc. (NYSE: CAH) is a global, integrated healthcare services and products company, providing customized solutions for hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices worldwide.

The company provides clinically-proven medical products and pharmaceuticals and cost-effective solutions that enhance supply chain efficiency from hospital to home. Cardinal Health connects patients, providers, payers, pharmacists and manufacturers for integrated care coordination and better patient management. Backed by nearly 100 years of experience, with approximately 50,000 employees in nearly 60 countries, Cardinal Health ranks among the top 25 on the Fortune 500.

Cardinal Health is more than a business, more than a partner, more than hard workers. It’s wings. Its unrivaled scale and focused approach leads to better solutions. The company’s strength flows from four areas of expertise: logistics, product, business and patient solutions. Cardinal Health welcomes new challenges, anticipates trends, and as Wings, brings support, speed, and mile-high vision to all customers.

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