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Dow Technologies and Systems
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Dow Technologies and Systems Company Jobs

Company: Dow Technologies and Systems
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Shajahan
Industry: IT Jobs
Address: 50 Park Place, Robert Treat Center Ste 1431
Zip Code: 07102
Phone: 2005150
Fax: No
E-mail:  [ Send Private Message ] 
Registered from: Aug 11 2020
Jobs: 0 jobs posted

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Our mission has been to offer AI based solutions and empower HR in automating processes by providing advanced technology to manage tasks such as payroll, leave management, overtime, attendance etc. We also have a huge emphasis on building a comprehensive recruitment portal to retain and attract the best talented candidates for companies. Furthermore, we want to also offer a predictive analysis of jobs & skill requirements. Finally, we want to develop greater transparency between managers, employees and employers to access information regarding employment & performance through available mediums.

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