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Evolution Capital Partners
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Evolution Capital Partners Company Jobs

Company: Evolution Capital Partners
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Tina
Industry: Administrative Jobs
Address: 8 Victoria Drive
Zip Code: 01038
Phone: (216) 593-0402
Fax: 3284046982
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Registered from: May 19 2014
Jobs: 0 jobs posted

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Since 2005, Evolution Capital Partners has helped numerous entrepreneurial businesses transform and scale their organizations. As a team of investors, partners, and employees, our primary passion and motivation is to inspire entrepreneurs and their small businesses to grow and thrive under any economic circumstances.
In 1995, after starting out their careers as lenders to small businesses, Brendan Anderson and Jeffrey Kadlic took their experiences in two seemingly different directions. Brendan began by buying and managing small businesses, while Jeffrey turned to professional funding and mezzanine investing. Ten years later, the two entrepreneurs co-founded Evolution Capital Partners with the purpose of inspiring entrepreneurs to create “evolutionary businesses,” businesses that have a lasting impact on the management, employees and communities in which they operate.
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