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K Getaways
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K Getaways Company Jobs

Company: K Getaways
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Kierra
Industry: Customer Service Jobs
Address: 2183 Sarazen Avenue
Zip Code: 95822
Phone: 8858365
Fax: 9168858365
E-mail:  [ Send Private Message ] 
Registered from: Nov 21 2022
Jobs: 0 jobs posted

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K Getaways is seeking individuals to join our growing team of remote specialists. As an Independent Travel Advisor, you will be responsible for coordinating travel and advocating for clients as part of our full-service travel agency. You will be working with major airlines, cruise lines, popular theme parks, many household travel brands, and more.

- Able to plan out leisure and corporate travel
- Be able to market tours and travel packages on behalf of resorts, travel groups, and cruise lines
- Be able to take payments for travel
- Intermediate problem-solving skills
- Know the importance of travel insurance plans

- Love for Travel
- Customer service skills
- Time management skills
- Organizational skills
- A smartphone and/or laptop
- Must be a least 18 years of age

What you get
- Assistance to gaining your Travel Certification through our agency!
- A large group of highly trained individuals to help with any questions
- Daily optional training
- Travel perks
- Access to over 133 travel vendors!

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