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LL Industrial Transmission Inc
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LL Industrial Transmission Inc Company Jobs

Company: LL Industrial Transmission Inc
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Leroy
Industry: Administrative Jobs
Address: 2839 E. Business 20
Zip Code: 79761
Phone: 5058184
Fax: (801) 980-6
E-mail:  [ Send Private Message ] 
Registered from: May 16 2020
Jobs: 0 jobs posted

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At LLIT, we test every unit we build for 3-4 hours after assembly to be sure every transmission is working at its best. Once installed, you can be confident you’ll have reliable service no matter the application for years to come. Most transmissions come with a standard 6-month warranty and ours do as well. If you have a problem a year or more down the road, please call and we’ll help.

If you have a problem with one of our rebuilt transmissions in a year, two years, or three years, please contact us. The issue will usually be an external one that can be fixed quickly. This is our confidence level in our product.

Please get all the numbers off of the failed transmissions tag (or take a picture of them) and call or email us for help. We can or soon will be your “go to” company when it comes to Allison transmissions, as we are already for many.

We invite any and all customers to come by our facility and see our long-term commitment to you. If you prefer to fly, please let us pick you up at the airport or help in any way that we can.

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