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Company: Target
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Kurt
Industry: Retail Jobs
Address: 123 po box
Zip Code: 21202
Phone: 4345676
Fax: 77788889876
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Registered from: Mar 06 2020
Jobs: 0 jobs posted

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Job Description:
Sales associates at Target are responsible for selling to and serving customers, as well as ensuring operational excellence and flawless execution of store operations are achieved.

Their job description entails building emotional connection with customers, thereby contributing to achieving the Store KPI targets.

Sales associates engage with customers at the store by greeting them in a warm, friendly, and helpful manner.

His/her role involves reading and explaining store reward/discount programs to customers, as well as providing the right answers to their questions regarding merchandise, and also directing them to the area within the store where they will find the item they are looking for.

Target sales associates also perform cashiering and cash handling duties, which include ringing up customers’ transaction following the company’s policies on cash handling and register procedures.

Other cashiering tasks include counting of money, verification of amount, issuance of receipt, and making of change to customers.

Sales associates are also responsible for reading and interpreting information on price ticket, as well as entering data through terminal keyboard and operating a calculator.

Their store operation tasks involve cleaning, organizing, and maintaining the store.

He/she picks up trash in the aisles and return merchandise to the appropriate display area in accordance to the store standards.

He/she also cleans the sales associates’ restrooms, break room, front walkway/store’s stoop, mirrors and other housekeeping items that need cleaning; he/she also vacuums the store.

The sales associate at Target also performs merchandising functions such as unloading merchandise from truck, organizing and maintaining the stockroom, and filling accessories.

His/her responsibilities also involve placing products on the sales floor following company standards, maintaining standards at the clearance area, and completing markdowns
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