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Universal Studies
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Universal Studies Company Jobs

Company: Universal Studies
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Patrick
Industry: Education Jobs
Address: 430 Merritt Ave
Zip Code: 94610
Phone: 4691490
Fax: None
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Registered from: Feb 19 2019
Jobs: 0 jobs posted

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Dear potential employee,

My name is Patrick Pittman and I run a company called Universal Studies. We organize 3 Week Summer Programs for international students, during which they get to experience the American Lifestyle through daily activities and excursions. Each Summer Program is 3 weeks in duration. These 3 week sessions give a group of up to 8 students a unique insight into the True American Lifestyle by experiencing local and farther away sights, attractions and experiences.

I am looking for an Activity Guide/Coordinator to be in charge of independently leading activities, communicating plans and rules with non-native English speakers. You should be open-minded, fun, energetic and capable of allowing mostly international people with limited English great memories all the while completing the given tasks self-reliantly and getting participants to and back from their destinations on time. A major part of this internship is overseeing larger groups of students (4 - 15) and ensuring that everybody gets to have a fun experience while sticking to strict timelines. You might also be put in charge of taking photos and videos (Camera provided).

During these 3 week sessions your tasks may be:
- Overseeing the group and making sure they get everywhere on time
- Communicating with me and my staff regularly throughout excursions
- Making sure all of our participants have unforgettable experiences
- Helping set up and take down picnics, games etc.
- Having a good time with and entertaining the participants, especially making them feel comfortable
- Accompanying the students on every activity, which may include hiking, walking, riding a bike and swimming
- Taking photos and videos while being in charge of the group

This is a part-time internship in Summer 2019, that requires a full 3 Week commitment. On heavy days attendance will be required all day, on lighter days only for a few hours or not at all.

As the international students attend a language school in the mornings, we will need you to be at their school at the latest by 12PM every Monday through Thursday, then join us on our daily afternoon activities, before we drop you back off at a pre-determined place. We will need you to be available all day on weekends (at least 2 overnight excursions - all accommodations provided).

Throughout the activities either myself or one of my staff will either be present or at arm’s reach and able to help or even jump in anytime.

If you are a student or on a break from school and looking for something productive to do with your time while earning some extra money on the side then this is the right thing for you. Being put in charge of medium-size to large groups and coordinating them is a task that, aside from being fun, can really be a growth experience in many ways. It can be an outlet for you to improve your organizational, prioritization, communicational and most importantly team work skills, all of which will surely be great benefits for your academic and professional future.

This internship will go from Saturday, July 6 until Sunday, July 28, 2019, there is also an alternative session taking place from Saturday, August 3 until Sunday, August 25, 2019. You may attend only one or even both if you like.

The pay for this position for the entire 3 weeks is $400.00 USD. All your transportation and eat-out costs as well as entrance fees to events and attractions are paid for by the company. We can also create reference letters and you have the ability to use us as former employer for any future job opportunity and school credit.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime at 510-469-1490.

Also, I want to invite you to browse through our website ( to get a better idea of what these programs look like.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and am sure you will fit right in.


Patrick R. Pittman

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