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Yokefellow Prison Ministry of N.C., Inc.
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Yokefellow Prison Ministry of N.C., Inc. Company Jobs

Company: Yokefellow Prison Ministry of N.C., Inc.
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Vita
Industry: Marketing Jobs
Address: P.O. Box 38964
Zip Code: 27438
Phone: 7249801
Fax: 3363706321
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Registered from: Jul 15 2021
Jobs: 0 jobs posted

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Yokefellow Prison Ministry is an interdenominational, racially-diverse Christian ministry of reconciliation begun in 1969 (and incorporated in 1972), which includes both lay and clergy, male and female. It is founded on the idea that people’s lives are changed through committed relationships.

The ministry is conducted by trained volunteers who lead weekly meetings of small groups inside North Carolina’s correctional institutions. Yokefellow is a ministry of listening, sharing, caring, encouragement and support rather than a ministry just focused on worship, preaching, teaching, counseling, or Bible study. Our Christian volunteers from the “outside” are yoked in fellowship in a way that touches the hearts of those on the “inside” through the weekly small group meetings based on Christian fellowship.

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