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Company: Southtown Guitar
Contact Name: Dean

Job Details: Piano Teacher Date: Apr 17 2019

Job Reference: 688002
Job Category: Education Jobs [ View All Education Jobs Jobs ]
Company Type Employer
Employment type: Part Time
Degree: Bachelors
Experience: 4 years
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49506
Job Skills: piano teaching
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Job Description

At Southtown Guitar we are focused on the continued education of our customers and staff, remembering that we all have things left to learn. We are moving from a lifestyle of consumption to one of creation and helping our community travel along that same trajectory. Private lessons are at the heart of these efforts and our teachers are our front line ambassadors, helping open up a glittering world of music to students young and old. Interested in joining our team of teachers? Read on!

Some details:
We currently have 2 lesson rooms. As guitar and piano are our top 2 most popular instruments we have one guitar specialist and one piano specialist available for lessons at all times. As such, all of our teachers need to play either guitar or piano.
If you play other instruments besides guitar or piano, this is a great bonus! If you teach with us we’ll open up your schedule so you can accept students on whatever instruments you play. The more instruments we can offer for a given teacher, the easier it often is to fill up their schedule.
As a teacher you’ll sign up for a minimum of one 4 hour teaching shift at Southtown Guitar during the week. Our current shifts are Monday – Friday 1 – 5pm and 5 – 9pm and Saturday 8am – noon and noon – 4pm. If you’d like, there may also be opportunities to pick up in-home lessons in the homes of clients and lead workshops at Southtown Guitar (these would be entirely at your discretion).
Teachers are considered independent contractors and are paid an hourly rate per lesson hour taught. For instance: if you teach a 60 minute lesson you’ll be paid your hourly rate; if you teach a 30 minute lesson you’ll be paid your hourly rate divided by 2; if you have a stretch of time during which no lessons are scheduled (even if it’s during your 4 hour teaching shift) you will not be paid for that empty time and you may do as you wish with that time.
In general, we take care of all booking and payment for your students. If you are traveling to a student’s house for in-home lessons you may end up doing some of the booking or rescheduling. You will also be in charge of cancelling / rescheduling students for any vacation time that you take.
You may take vacation whenever you need it. We expect teachers to develop a strong personal relationship with their students and to communicate well with them regarding any vacation time upcoming.
Regarding pay rate: our first concern is that we’re a great fit for you and you’re a great fit for us. After that has been determined we’ll ask what you need to make in order to be really happy here and want to stick around for the long haul. We’ll be honest with where we’re at financially and if we can make your desired pay rate happen. If we can’t make it happen we might make a counter-offer or we might make a plan to work up to your desired rate.

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