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Contact Name: DAVE

Job Details: Sales Representative Date: Jan 24 2022

Job Reference: 4518
Job Category: IT Jobs [ View All IT Jobs Jobs ]
Company Type Recruiter
Employment type: Full Time, Contract
Salary: 69 USD / Contract
Degree: Bachelors
Experience: 3 years
Location: Denver, New York, 12421
Job Skills: Sales Representative
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Job Description


o Goals – meet or exceed sales goals.

o Activity – meet or exceed sales activity requirements.

o Execution – use the Facility Services sales approach to demonstrate product and service benefits for prospects.

o Presentation – make effective use of sales binder and product samples.

o Profitability – understand and sell within approved rental product line.

o Phone Blocks – attend all phone blocks and meet minimum activity requirements.

Territory Management

o Prospect Data File – maintain the existing prospect data base utilizing support tools such as Crossfire.

o Prospect Identity – document all prospects in the territory utilizing prospect data cards and organizing by geocoding.

o Sales Activity Reports – prepare sales activity reports accurately and timely.

o Strategy – develop a marketing and sales strategy for achieving quarterly new business goals.

o Competitiveness – monitor and anticipate competitive activity in the territory.

o Provide prompt feedback to manager.

o Ensure competitive profiles are current and considered in sales strategies

Organization and Time Management.

o Attend all sales and training meetings. Travel may be required.

o Communicate necessary details of accounts sold and pre-installation requirements to the service department management team.

o Complete new account paperwork and ensure accuracy of all paperwork prior to forwarding it through the approval process.

o Meet all service requirements, including installations at the direction of the Sales Manager or General Manager on an as needed basis.

o Expenses – incur only necessary expenses and keep accurate expense reports.



o Listening — extracts and uses information from oral communications.

o Oral Communication — effectively expresses oneself in one-on-one communication and in meetings.

o Written Communication – possess excellent written skills when developing proposals, memos, etc.

o Presentation - be confident and impactful when presenting to prospects.

Corporate Character Traits

o Professional - is consistent, intelligent, organized, and a continuous learner. Is self-disciplined; controls emotional reactions and keeps personal biases out of the decision making process. Stays on top of the KPIs and trends for the location and for the entire corporation. For example, a FS Sales Representative appearance should be consistently polished and their automobile should be kept clean and in good repair.

o Ethical Standards – portrays unquestionable integrity in all dealings and relationships. Gives honest and accurate accounting of self, others, and situations. For example, FS Sales Representative should treat partners and prospects equally and be respectful of differing opinions.

o Competitive Urgency - attending to every detail of our business with a sense of urgency, enthusiasm, and thoroughness as if failure to do so would result in a lost customer or partner. For example, prior to presenting each proposal, the FS Sales Representative should diligently review the proposal to ensure accuracy of the materials.

o Positive Discontent – is never satisfied with the status quo. Views change positively. Is resilient and optimistic. Is constantly looking for opportunities to improve self and the business. For example, the FS Sales Representative should stay with a sales plan until the objective is achieved or is no longer reasonably obtainable.

o Self-Improvement – Constantly work on self-improvement and learning.

§ Development – react positively to evaluations, appraisals, and feedback and work to improve development objectives.

§ Techniques – stay current on sales techniques used by professional salespeople. Read and study available literature about professional selling.

o Physical

§ Mobility - Travel by automobile throughout area to make sales calls.

§ Driver's License - Maintain a valid driver's license.

§ Lift - Lift repetitively.

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