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Contact Name: DAVE

Job Details: SQL Server Date: Jul 14 2021

Job Reference: 2338
Job Category: IT Jobs [ View All IT Jobs Jobs ]
Company Type Recruiter
Employment type: Full Time, Contract
Salary: 60 USD / Contract
Degree: Masters
Experience: 3 years
Location: Albany, New York, 12201
Job Skills: SQL Server DBA
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Job Description

Provide support for the administration and maintenance of all SQL Server data bases.
Monitor applications use of the data bases and make recommendations to improve efficiency and response time.
Set up, monitor, and update jobs performing data backups and recoveries.
Design and implement fast, scalable, and maintainable cubes.
Monitor database usage, identify corrective actions when necessary and apply changes needed to handle data growth and performance degradation (data archival, DB size increase, indexing, etc.).
Monitor database security and assign user access, grant permissions and roles, develop groups, audit access, etc.
Perform impact analysis on hardware configurations, database schema, and application code, to offer recommendations on improving design and efficiency.
Write SQL code via stored procedures and Transact-SQL to access data.
Develop database designs by performing needs analysis, creating logical model, and implementing the physical model.
Follow/develop sound database practices.
Ensure databases are available to users during business working hours and any routine maintenance is performed off hours.
Install, configure, patch, and upgrade SQL Server.
Monitor disk space utilization and logs, and notify appropriate staff when additional resources are needed.
Assist staff in setting up, maintaining, backing up and restoring databases in test and development environments.
Implement and manage SQL Server database replication.
Monitor replication to ensure the data is being properly replicated to HotSite.
Assist in reviewing and modifying a disaster recovery plan that allows for continuation of service using our hot site.
Run database jobs, i.e. reorgs, imports and exports, backups, etc.
Troubleshoot issues and take corrective actions as needed.
Monitor data integrity to ensure data is not damaged and/or corrupt.
Create and maintain documentation related to all tasks and provide mentoring/knowledge transfer to other staff within the Database group.

60 Months of experience establishing, maintaining and troubleshooting SQL Server Database Management Systems in an enterprise-wide database within a Windows environment.
60 Months of experience establishing, maintaining and troubleshooting SQL Server Database Management Systems that utilized High Availability solutions in a Windows environment.
60 Months of experience designing and implementing fast, scalable, and maintainable cubes.
48 Months of experience performing SQL Server optimization analysis and implementing resolutions.
48 Months of experience working with Transact SQL and SQL Server Data.
30 Months of experience working with end users providing DB support.
30 Months of experience performing optimization analysis and implementing resolutions in SQL Server Analysis Server.
Bachelor’s Degree.

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