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Company: Living Benefits with PRIDE
Contact Name: Laila

Job Details: Want To Make A Difference In The World And Get Compensated Well? Date: Nov 13 2020

Job Reference: 2051001
Job Category: Insurance Jobs [ View All Insurance Jobs Jobs ]
Company Type Employer
Employment type: Contract
Degree: High School
Experience: 5 years
Location: Seattle, Washington, 98101
Job Skills: No experience necessary. Will train
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Imagine This “POST COVID-19 World” where things have returned to “NORMAL” only to find:

-401K and other investment accounts down 67%
-Homes and real estate investments at 50% of their prior values
-Unemployment at all-time highs
-The economy remains sluggish at best
-Racial tensions persist
-Financial inequalities frustrate many
-Hopelessness abounds

Sounds far-fetched? Not really. If you’ve been paying attention, many of these factors (all but the first two) are present today and in case you’ve not heard, much of Middle America is facing a financially uncertain future

But what if you held the key to change that?

What if you had one superpower and that superpower allowed you to add CERTAINTY to the financial futures of Middle American Households?

What if you had access to a proprietary financial solution that gave you this power and a team that supported you in deploying this power?

What if due to present economic circumstances and the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this was actually creating an insatiable demand for this proprietary financial solution?

Would you want in?

Would you want to join this financial crusade to add CERTAINTY to the financial futures of Middle American Households?

Would you be OK with getting mentored on how to do this and earn a healthy 6-Figure income doing so?

Would you be OK with forever eliminating the risk that over 40 million employees find themselves in after being let go by their employer due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you aren’t already licensed to offer this proprietary financial solution, would you be OK with studying and sitting for an exam to be properly licensed to join this crusade?

If so, we’re looking for just a few candidates to join our crusade.

Care to find out more about it?

If so, click this link to learn more = > *****

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