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China's richest billionaires list

by Jobxoom Media - 10-10-2019

"China's richest billionaires list"

China's wealth is becoming increasingly concentrated in the hands of tech entrepreneurs, although some pharmaceutical moguls and pig farmers are breaking into the ranks of the super rich.

There were fewer millionaires and billionaires on the Hurun Report's rich list for a second year in a row, but their average wealth increased as China's shift towards the digital economy saw manufacturing and construction tycoons drop off the bottom.
There has been a "changing of the guard" among China's wealthiest people over the years, said Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report's chairman, commenting on the list that was published Thursday.

#1        Jack Ma          $34.6 B        55        e-commerce
        #2        Ma Huateng        $32.8 B        47        internet media
        #3        Hui Ka Yan        $30.8 B        61        real estate
        #4        Wang Jianlin        $22.7 B        65        real estate
        #5        He Xiangjian        $19.5 B        77        home appliances
        #6        Yang Huiyan        $17.1 B        38        real estate
        #7        Wang Wei        $14.9 B        49        package delivery
        #8        Robin Li         $14.6 B        50        internet search
        #9        Li Shufu         $14.2 B        56        automobiles

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