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Google launched its own job search engine! -Google

by - 06/22/2017

"Google launched its own job search engine"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave a brief preview of the job search engine, called “Google for Jobs,” at Google’s developer conference I/O this afternoon.

“46% of U.S. employers say they face talent shortages and have issues filling open job positions,” explained Pichai. “While job seekers may be looking for openings right next door – there’s a big disconnect here…We want to better connect employers and job seekers through a new initiative, Google for Jobs.”

Google for Jobs was officially launched. As we said earlier, they have added to the search engine a new job aggregator feature. With this feature, Google obviously wants to become the reference in job search that with them will be “simpler and more efficient”. They have indicated that they will aggregate the job offers of more than 20 job boards like Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster or LinkedIn and even Facebook. The last two are the ones they are trying to compete with, according to La Tribune. You can type anything on Google like “Jobs around me” or “Retail jobs” and all the job offers will appear as if you were looking for something else on Google.

After comparing with the feature “Restaurants around me”, they thought that data location or similar searches could definitely be used for job search. Google is pretty clear, they have started studying and using search algorithms in order to find only the best job. This is completely disrupting the recruiting market, according to an article of Josh Bersin: “Their experimental work with early customers has been fairly amazing: one client found that searches for “genetic engineering research” jobs barely surfaced a single job before using the Google technology; after using the Google search the perfect job popped up in the first page. And Johnson & Johnson has seen an 18% lift in applies per search on its career site since integrating.”

More Details: http://google,jobs,search engine

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