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Company Description

Job Description

Position Objective : To properly clean the aircraft interior spaces per client expectations and requirements, and sometimes to also perform aircraft search in all required spaces to ensure the aircraft has contains no non allowed items onboard.

Primary duties and Responsibilities CABIN CLEANER :
Perform vacuuming, wiping trash removal, and related cleaning duties.
Assist with the disposal of trash.
Assist with organization of supplies to assist all cleaners.
Perform all aircraft search as trained - inspect each and every area each and every time.
Be alert to any hazards that could cause accident or injury to any workers or passengers and report such observations to superior
Complete thorough Incident Reports for any accidents or any out-of-the-ordinary events while in the course of cleaning and/or securing aircraft.
Mop floors.
Wipe the seats and walls.
Straighten blankets and pillows.
Clean lavatories and galley.
Replenish supplies for next flight, as required by the airline.
Inspect and evaluate the quality of work completed.
Performs other related duties as required.
Ensure aircraft is free from any prohibited/dangerous items.
Practice safe work methods.
Performs other related duties as required.

Perform pre-checks on all equipment/vehicles and loading of required chemicals for designated washes.
Attach proper pitot tube and static port covers (or other covers based on the aircraft/airline) and document on Aircraft Wash Record or airline designated form.
Place the vacuum and water dams around the aircraft to collect all liquids that drip onto the ground and any drains are covered to protect storm drains from contamination.
Use mop heads/pads attached to poles to wash lower part of aircraft, an aerial lift is used for the top of the aircraft fuselage, wings & tail.
Apply wax and buff off the dried wax with pads attached to poles, an aerial lift is used for the top of the aircraft fuselage and tail.
All employees clean up equipment/chemicals and perform a FOD walk to verify that the work area is clean and debris free.
Job Types: Full-time, Part-time
Salary: $15.00 /hour

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