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Company Description
Claire Wellness is the world first Health & Wellness services-based direct selling company.

We provide health, wellness, fitness, financial advisory & meal delivery services & more, selling in packages & individual services to both consumers & businesses.

Our goals is to increase our clients Mind, body, soul & financial future. 

When joining Claire’s wellness as a consultant, you can be a part of a 2 TRILLION DOLLAR global industry, where 60% of Americans are interested in a health & wellness coaching but 80% has NEVER been offered. You’re asking yourself why I should join?

A movie character by name of Ricky Bobby played by Will Ferrell had a line which said, “If you ain„¢t first, your last, By joining us not only will you be a part of industry changing company but a revolution. You get to promote and sell a service that people NEED not just WANT!

Our outstanding compensation plan is not over hype or delusional but simple and attainable for anyone who either wants a PART TIME OR FULL-TIME business, with our bonus programs where we pay for your dream CAR & HOME while earning uncap income for your hard work. Joining us you’re not just a partner but family. See you soon!

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