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Company Description
We are seeking an outgoing individual for our Travel Coordinator position. As a Coordinator, you will be responsible for booking amazing trips for corporate and leisure clients in destinations all around the world! This position is great for anyone who absolutely loves to travel and help others with planning.

Roles & Responsibilities

Research, Create, and Execute exceptional itineraries for clients

Review individuals needs and wants for travel, to ensure you can cater a trip specially designed to meet their needs

Complete ongoing training to earn and maintain certification to book travel

Attend ongoing webinars with vendors and suppliers, to become specialized with specific destinations

Review budgets, and plan trips according to clients budget constraints

Create promotional materials to utilize

Monitor restrictions on travel that come and go

Book travel needs (airline, car rental, hotel accommodations, cruise, ticket/event sales, etc¬Â¦)

Effectively communicate with clients pre/post travel

Handle issues that may arise during the bookings and/or travel for clients

Network with tour operators regarding packages that you can possibly offer to clients

Part Time or Full time


Must be at least 18years of age, and be authorized to work within the US.

Must be able to effectively communicate with clients (strong sales background a plus)

Must have a smartphone with internet access, laptop recommend but not required

Personal travel experience is a huge plus, however not required

Previous experience in customer service or hospitality also a plus, but not required
Map Location

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