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Company Description
Our simple mission at Oxford Pierpont Staffing is to bring professional remote work opportunities to independent contractors who have the motivating drive and passion to be successful.

We achieve this by building relationships with some of the largest companies in the U.S, many of whom are Fortune 500 brands that you are already familiar with.

What our clients are looking for...

Our clients want a professional, reliable, and well-trained workforce on demand.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for companies to embrace the remote workforce, as tightly packed offices have become unsafe and social distancing has proven to be impractical. Furthermore, many of these companies do not wish to take on the burden of hiring, managing, and supporting remote staff. That\'s where we come in at Oxford Pierpont Staffing.

Our job is to find amazing independent contractors just like you, handle all of the legal stuff, handle payroll, and handle overall management. That way our clients can focus on delivering great service to their customer base.

As a remote Customer Service Representative, you will fill this growing need by independently operating a micro call center from the comfort of your home.

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