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7 years of experience providing consulting, operations, project management, DE&I best practices, and expertise in full cycle, high volume recruiting to meet hiring managers' needs during project cycle and permanent needs while finding top world talent candidates in various sectors.

I help connect the dots between thriving teams with authentic individuals while creating innovative strategies to recruit, mentor, and retain professionals that are ready to bring social value and make an impact in the world. 

My approach, you might ask? - I source, I see, I like - I have a conversation with my candidates about their dreams, their goals, and their why - I hear them out, take solid notes then, I work my magic to align their ideal day-to-day with leaders and teams with a similar vision and mission, then I hire. 

After that, it's all in the metrics that take place when building solid recruiting strategies and finding golden talent who will revolutionize and take it one step further in a thriving role by recommending and driving improvements that positively impact sourcing and hiring strategies. I take pride in my work by knowing the importance of correct placement for my candidates and teams.

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