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1. Manages the FM, DC and Roll Shop Areas of the Hot Mill. Trains, leads, and motivates subordinates to optimize man/machine interface to continuously improve the quality and productivity of the operating units. Sets productivity goals and standards to align workforce to meet or exceed these requirements. 


2. Coordinates and collaborates with other department supervisors within the hot mill and plant wide in the various activities necessary to schedule, process, expedite, and transfer in-process material at proper efficiency and minimum cost. 

3. Coordinates and collaborates with maintenance on planned outages, preventative maintenance, special projects, etc. for the FM, DC and Roll Shop Areas and other areas of the Hot Mill to prevent delays during operating hours, eliminate bottlenecks and improve quality of products as it relates to the maintenance of equipment. 

4. Interacts with Technical Department to insure proper standards and procedures are followed on all units in order to obtain the proper metallurgical properties and quality of steel in process. 

5. Manages unit costs for the FM, DC and Roll Shop Areas and operational spare parts of the hot mill to effectively meet or exceed financial targets. Participates in goal setting; constantly seeks out areas for continuous improvement - implements changes or makes recommendations for improvement. 

6. Requires employees conformance to establish safety and housekeeping rules and procedures in order to maintain a safe and clean working environment, prevent accidents, and optimize productivity, quality and employee morale. Instructs employees in job requirements, safety practices, housekeeping rules, etc. Conducts safety meetings, accident / incident investigations, _ inspections, maintain records, etc. Correct unsafe conditions, procedures, or makes recommendation to management to eliminate future safety problems. 


 7. Supervises unit employees. 


Communicates company rules and practices, require subordinates conformance and application to establish company rules and practice with regard to attendance, performance, training, safety and the like. 


Investigates, settles and/or refers employees complaints to Hot Mill Manager as required. 


8. Maintains appropriate inventory levels for the FM, DC and Roll Shop, and other operational spare parts to ensure uninterrupted operations. Participates in consumables (vendors selection, bidding, ordering parameters). 

1. Reports and is accountable to the Hot Mill Manager. 

2. Has line authority over all employees assigned to the Main Mill Are and the Roll Shop. 


3. Internally, has considerable contact with Maintenance, Technical, Purchasing and others operating areas, Safety and Environment and President. 


4. Externally, has contact with vendors for purchasing of consumables. _ 5. Participation in continuous improvement programs.

Minimum of Technical Degree from approved University/College (BS/BA) and/or work experience necessary to perform position. Basic computer skills, strong communication skills.


1. Technical Bachelor's degree preferred.


2. 2+ years of supervisory experience in a hot mill or roll shop._ _

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2 months ago
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1mo 1d
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Full Time
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IT Professional
Bachelor's Degree
10+ Years
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Saline County,Illinois,United States

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