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7 Years experience managing projects of comparable size and complexity. (6 years)Thorough knowledge of the System Development Life Cycle methodologies used in Information Technology projects. (6 years)Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of project management methodologies. (6 years)Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. (6 years)4 year college degree or equivalent technical experience requiredPMP certification.Some experience in IT architecture, application development. (Highly desired)Experience with managing Commonwealth projects of similar size and complexity. 

(Nice to have)Understanding of Commonwealth policies. (Nice to have)Description:-State of Pennsylvania: Department of Labor and Industry (L&I)The Project Manager (PM) directs, administers, manages, facilitates and implements an enhancement, business process re-engineering or development of Commonwealth information technology (IT) project (s). Projects managed are broad in scope and may be enhancement/ development IT projects for a major Commonwealth system that is comprised of highly complex components or subsystems, and typically involve a large agency, or multiple agencies and diverse business operations.The Project Manager is the individual ultimately responsible to the agency and project Sponsor. The Project Managers primary responsibility is to drive the entire effort from start to finish. The Project Manager must ensure that the project is completed on schedule, within the defined budget and that the final product meets the business, technical, and established quality requirements.

Description: This project manager position will be working on four separate and distinct Unemployment Compensation (UC) projects. Each project is described below:Shared Work Project Pennsylvania's Shared-Work Program allows an employer to temporarily reduce the work hours of a group of employees as an alternative to a lay-off. Employees covered by the plan receive a percentage of their UC Weekly Benefit Amount, or WBA, while they work the reduced schedule, if they are otherwise eligible for UC.This project will look to implement the following three aspects of Pennsylvanias Shared Work Program: 1. Online filing, by employers , of their plans online to participate in the Shared Work program2. Online filing initial claims by claimants3. Online filing of continued claims by claimantsDepartment of Health Cross Match Project The purpose of project is to further automate the mostly manual PA Department of Health Crossmatch which performs a monthly comparison of the Unemployment Compensation check writing systems files against a decedent file provided by DOH. Project implementation will allow the Departments legacy mainframe benefits system to place a stop on the claims record automatically when a match occurs, preventing further improper payments whenever an individual files for benefits on the decedents claim. Reports will be generated that will differentiate the overpayments into separate categories and identify weeks that are pending or were paid after the claimants death, providing more detailed data for management.Quarterly Wage Cross Match Project In 1975, US Department of Labor implemented the quarterly wage cross-match which mandated states to conduct random audits of wages compared to weeks of benefits paid to determine improper payments. The PA Department of Labor and Industrys quarterly wage cross-match process has been in production for 10+ years with little to no updates or upgrades. Documentation for the formula and process in the legacy system is nonexistent with all knowledge based resources long since retired. This purpose of this project is to increase Pennsylvanias detection and recoupment of improper unemployment compensation payments through the improvement of the quarterly wage cross-match process. Documentation of the Å“as-is process, analysis of existing components, and the utilization of existing technology to improve the current process is essential.The existing cross-match will be enhanced through this project to include the following functionality:1. Track employer responses in order to send additional requests to non-responsive employers2. Track work flow on identified issues3. Ensure more adequate statistics are provided for mandated reporting4. Create forms to be more employer friendly5. Automate processes to increase productivityThis project will involve a coordinated effort of both UC program area staff in the Office of Unemployment Compensation Benefits Policy (OUCBP) and staff from the Office of Information Technology (OIT).Overpayment Electronic Payment (ePay) Project This project is an initiative designed to enhance UC customer service as well as increase the Departments ability to recoup overpayments and achieve the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Overpayment Recovery Core measure Acceptable Level of Performance of 55%.The ePay project will involve the development and implementation of a system allowing claimants to make online payments via credit card using L&Is UC Benefits website. Presently, an individual with an overpayment must repay the money owed by check or money order. By providing the ability to repay overpayments electronically, the department believes overpayment recoupment will increase based on the results of the recent UC Amnesty Program, which provided temporary ability to submit electronic payments.Direct, administer, manage and facilitate an enhancement, business process re-engineering or development of a high priority, high profile and commonwealth enterprise-wide technology project of strategic importance.Design Project plans based on scope resources, budget and personnel.Responsible for the development of estimates for the enhancement, business process re-engineering or development effort in planning, analysis, design, construction, testing, and implementation.Works with team leads to adjust and revise project estimates when necessary.Ensure new project estimates are approved by the client and agreed upon.Develop the detailed Project Management Plan for the enhancement, business process re-engineering or development effort.Accountable for delivery of all work tasks identified in the Project Management Plan.Manage, and track the project progress against the project schedule.Develop work planning and scheduling work.Monitor project milestones and phases and take corrective action as needed to ensure the project is on schedule. Monitor and track the project budget and advise necessary stakeholders. Plan, organize, prioritize, and manage multiple work efforts across the project team.Notify team leads of project timelines, milestones, phases, work requests target dates, and approved executable work packages.Accountable to schedule or monitor status reviews, project management inspections, and software quality assurance work product and process reviews with the appropriate stakeholders. Accountable for project coordination with multiple agencies.Responsible for the capture and reporting of required project management metrics.Analyze and distribute reports on project metrics associated with work items related to improvement measures.Ensure all changes to scope follow processes outlined in the Change Management Plan and are documented.Prepare status reports on a periodic basis for the project team, team leads, group leads, Sponsor, and appropriate stakeholders.Report status and recommendations to senior leadership as needed.Make decisions with the designated authority as defined in the Project Charter to minimize project risk supported by sound analysis and project management best practices.Responsible to tailor and baseline all project templates.

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Saline County,Illinois,United States

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Saline County,Illinois,United States

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